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Saving Projects From Process Debt - Shared screen with speaker view
Suzanne Cotter
Welcome everyone!
Suzanne Cotter
If questions come up, please feel free to drop them into the Q&A panel at any time. We will get to them when the time comes.
Suzanne Cotter
If anyone wants to ask a question (even anonymously), feel free to drop them into the Q&A window.
Suzanne Cotter
We’ll send out a follow up email soon with links to everything Mac referenced in this webinar, along with a link to the recording.We’d love your feedback on this webinar. Please fill out this 2-minute survey here: https://thinkpo.st/MacFeedbackWant to chat with Mac about something you heard today? Sign up for a Virtual Coffee with him here: https://thinkpo.st/VirtualCoffeeMacFinally, if you enjoyed this session, register for our upcoming webinar with Shawn Hickman, “Understanding Design Systems”: https://thinkpo.st/WebinarDesignSystems
John Young
Mac, incidentally — I’ve been pasting screenshots of your slides into Slack to a team I’m working with today, and the amount of (virtual) vigorous head-nodding and desk-pounding was HUGE. This is totally relevant to what we’re doing right now!